L’Oréal Brandstorm

Innovation Challenge

How might we shift perceptions of the skincare category from beauty to health?


This work placed as a top-ten submission for L’Oréal's Brandstorm competition. Our team got to travel to L'Oréal HQ in New York to pitch our idea in the US Finals.


The ask: Invent the future skincare experience for health-conscious consumers.

The problem: People associate skincare with beauty, not health.

The solution: A mobile app that makes skincare measurable, encouraging users to count their skin as an important health metric.



There are a multitude of factors that impact our skin…from diet to exercise, sleep, stress, our environment, and more. But people think that skincare = products. There’s a lack of awareness and understanding of the many different components of skincare, and people aren’t taking a holistic approach.


Consumers are hungry for information, but skincare info is product-centric and beauty-focused.

75% of people who are interested in skincare don’t feel confident that they have all the information that they need.


Measurable aspects of health are taken more seriously than those that can’t be quantified.


Shift perceptions of the category from beauty to health by making skincare measurable.


The Solution:

Tend by L'Oréal

A Holistic and personalized approach to caring for your skin.

How it works

Tend is a mobile app that analyzes the data that health conscious consumers are already tracking in conjunction with personal and environmental factors.

The app leverages existing L’Oréal technology, like their Modiface facial scanner and product scanning APIs. Tend uses AI and machine learning to distill data from wearables, self-reported info, and facial scanning into simple insights and recommendations.


Tend brings all skin-relevant info into one place and helps users understand how these factors impact their skin. The app helps people understand what is (and isn’t) working for them by painting a holistic picture of their skin health. And because health-conscious consumers are already tracking most of this data, Tend is a low effort, high reward resource that fits seamlessly into their daily lives.

An invaluable innovation for L’Oréal

  • Collect user data

  • Fuel future innovations

  • Drive sales of L’Oréal products

  • Build brand equity

A necessary resource for consumers

  • Monitor progress over time

  • Personalized info and recommendations

  • Holistic understanding of skincare

  • Free unbiased & credible resource


From → To

Beauty → Health

Narrow → Holistic

Abstract & overwhelming →

Actionable & measurable

Final Thoughts

I especially loved this project because it was an opportunity to utilize all of my skills as a creative transformer. My teammates and I conducted in-depth research, developed strategy, created a visual identity, designed app functionality, wrote scripts, built a business case, and crafted a 5-minute pitch for the national finals. Visiting the L’Oréal corporate headquarters was the cherry on top.


Made with my fellow Brandstormers:

Viviana Molina Burbano (creative brand management)

Paul Atienza (creative brand management)

Special thanks to Alec Milton (art direction) & Elliot Hartz (experience design) for helping bring our vision to life!